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Vertical TimeLine Template

A time line is very important in recording the order of events that happen at any point in time. It can be representative of a business, project, simple task or even a person’s life.

A time line can be drawn in graphics or in a table, known as a vertical time line. A vertical time line is a simple form of representation of the event that is to be recorded.

A vertical time line functions similarly to its graphics counterpart. It allows the organization or owner to have a clearer understanding of the events that have occurred.

A vertical time line is usually in the form of a table where the events are recorded in every row. There is a title for the timeline identified before the table of several columns is generated. Basically, a vertical timeline template has the following columns of information:

* Individual name

* Item Number

* Event date

* Event name

* Event Description

A vertical time line can be as long as desired, depending on its owner in recording the required events. If timeline software is used, the generation of the vertical timeline is easier as modifications can be made easily.

This is good as the recorder of the timeline may forget some events; you will need to insert new rows in between to ensure that all events are in the correct order. Events recorded in a vertical timeline should be in ascending order.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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