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Vision Statement Template

A company is usually directed by its vision and mission statements. These are very crucial to the aims and objectives of the company for continued growth and success.

A vision statement must be carefully thought out before a company adopts it, even for a period of time only. Vision statements may change as the company develops or transforms according to the economy or industry demands.

A vision statement usually has noble objectives that are to be communicated with all its related employees and authorities. Stakeholders of the company are also interested in the vision statement of the company which they are part owners of. The vision statement needs to encompass the application goals, constraints, and critical risks involved which must be communicated to all stakeholders and employees.

A vision statement template may have the following information:

* Company Name & Logo

* Vision Statement Objectives

* Application overview

* Identification of Stakeholders

* Business Goals

* Cost

* Market

* Timing

* Operational Goals

* Quality Goals

* Auditability

* Configurability

* Correctness

* Efficiency

* Extendibility

* Interoperability

* Manageability

* Performance

* Sustainability

* Usability

* Constraints

* Business Rules

* Legal Regulations

* Technology

* Risk management

* Open issues

A vision statement may have context diagrams to display the company objectives in diagrammatic form. The vision statement objectives are stated clearly with the intended audience to participate like management, requirements, architecture, development and independent test teams.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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