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Web Design Invoice Template

In today’s advanced technology era, a lot of transaction is performed on the Internet. Companies that want not just a competitive edge in their business but also not to be left behind, for survival sake, must engage web designers to create their website.

These technological works are also creative based. Hence, a web design makes use of the current technology and the creativity of the designer. It is not necessarily a “one-time” job; websites need to be updated regularly to attract customers’ interest to the company’s products and services to translate into sales.

When the web design work is completed, a web design invoice is forwarded to the client for payment. A web design invoice template should list all the pieces of information accurately to encourage prompt payment by the client.

The Web Design invoice template should display:

* Company’s name and mailing address

* Date of Invoice

* Invoice Number

* Shipping address

* Contact person’s information

The template columns can include:

* Item Number

* Quantity

* Description

* Hours

* Rate

* Amount

You can list out the details of the web design job for the client to confirm work done.

A web design invoice can be issued on a per job basis or collectively, depending on the web designer. Reference is easier if the jobs are on separate web designs whereas less paper is required for a collective invoice if the various web designs belong to the same category or department.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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