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Web Design Invoice Template

When work is completed, an invoice is forwarded to the client for payment. No different is a web design job. A web design invoice template should list all the necessary information that will prompt the client to settle the payment for the job done as soon as possible, according to the work terms and conditions.

The Web Design invoice template should display the company’s name and mailing address on its right side of the header with today’s date, and shipping address on the right.

There could be a sub-header where certain information such as Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Purchase Order number, Date of Shipped and Terms or instructions, which would accompany the delivery of the job done.

The body of the web design template may contain the following columns of information:

* Line Item

* Part Number

* Quantity

* Description

* Hours

* Rate

* Amount

The body will record the items of work done in detail by identifying the work portions with clear descriptions of the job as well as the number of hours put in for each work portion. The hourly rate is stated for reference and computation purposes with the total amount for that work portion computed before the final amount at the bottom of the invoice, with columns for Sub-total, Tax, Shipping and Handling charges. At the bottom of the invoice, there may be a note of thanks for prompt payment and a reminder of the due date for payment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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