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Web Development Proposal Template

Websites are crucial to any business’ survival in today’s electronic age. A company website allows more potential customers to be familiar with the products and services of the company as more and more people go online nowadays.

More people prefer to shop online than to make a physical trip to the mall. Hence, a web development proposal would be necessary by the developers to offer the company greater web presence and potentially better profits as online shoppers place their orders through the company’s web site.

In today’s technological environment, good web developments can enhance the company’s reputation with its advertorial style display of information.

A web development proposal is a formal submission of the web skills, expertise, experience, resources and professionalism to handle the web project for the client, who may be outsourcing the task due to some reason.

A web development proposal must meet the client’s needs with possible graphic designs that will attract web traffic.

A web development proposal template may have the following sections of information:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Client’s name

* Web page title

* Version

* Description of Web Page

* Duration of Implementation

* Scope of Web design

* Benefits of Web Page Implementation

* Home Page

* Contact us page

* Services

* Locations

* Design Methodology

* Fee summary

* Search Engine Optimization design

* Web hosting

* Fee Schedule

* Terms & Conditions

* Signatories

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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