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Website Proposal Template

The technological advancement today has changed the way a business operates. Every business that is serious in growing its operation must adopt a strategy that will enable it to reach as many customers as possible. With the advent of the computer era, almost all homes, offices and schools are fairly well equipped with the computer and Internet access.

Hence, for a business to be successful today, it needs to have a website to promote itself. A website is a page of information regarding the company on the Internet. It is a very useful tool which allows online visitors to check out the company’s products and services without making a physical trip to the office, showroom or factory.

Hence, a website proposal template has to contain all the necessary information about the company so that it can attract more traffic to its pages. The website proposal can be done in-house by the company’s software experts or be outsourced to the computer experts for a fee.

The website proposal template may contain the following sections of information:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Client’s name

* Proposal title

* Project title

* Date of proposal

* Version

* Description of Website

* Details of website information

* Duration of Implementation

* Benefits of Web Design Implementation

* Domain Name & Property

* Domain space and charges

* Design Methodology

The website proposed must be well laid and easy to navigate by all.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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