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Wedding and Shower Invitation Template

Weddings are very special occasions for two persons in love but their special moments are usually shared with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. There are many happenings with a wedding: bridal showers, gown fitting sessions, make up sessions, luncheons and dinners. There would be many guests invited to witness the happy occasion.

Usually the happy couple would like to have their guests witness their wedding ceremony which is exchanging of vows and be pronounced as husband and wife according to the law of the land; the happy couple also gives a luncheon or dinner to celebrate their union as husband and wife after the wedding ceremony. Hence, you will find that a wedding and shower invitation may be put together for convenience.

Such events can happen at the same place or different places; for example, the wedding ceremony can be at a religious premise or the registration office, while the luncheon or shower can be at a posh hotel, resort, beach area or at home.

The wedding and shower invitation can be as simple or elaborate as desired by the bride and groom. With the advanced technology today, many great designs can be conjured easily. It can have words, pictures, photos, borders, scents, colors and whatever that the couple wants.

But the Wedding and Shower invitation template should contain:

* An Invitation Call

* Names of the bride and groom

* Date, Time, Venue of event

* An RSVP column

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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