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Wedding Budget Template

A wedding is always a beautiful event to be expected although lots of preparation needs to be done before the actual date. One of the big factors is the wedding budget, after confirming the wedding date.

The wedding couple must plan their budget well so that the costs will not exceed the budget. There are many aspects of the budget to be considered, such as the wedding apparel, gifts, photography, the wedding venue, wedding program, reception and flowers.

Each section of the wedding budget must be listed in details over all items that will cost with two columns, estimate and actual costs.

A wedding budget template may contain the following sections:

1) Wedding Apparel

* Bride’s gown

* Bride’s accessories

* Groom’s suit

* Bridesmaid’s gown

* Best Man’s suit

* Bride’s change of gowns

* Flower girls’ outfit

* Page boy’s outfit

2) Flowers

* Bridal bouquet

* Bridesmaids’ bouquet

* Flower girls’ basket

* Corsages

* Reception flowers

* Wedding dinner flowers

* Wedding ceremony flowers

3) Wedding Ceremony

* Wedding Venue

* Wedding Program

* Wedding rings

* Pews and venue decoration

* Ushers

4) Wedding Dinner

* Caterer

* Bartender

* Venue

* Parking

* Sound system

* Masters of Ceremony

* Entertainment

* Presentations

* Estimate

* Actual

There may be other aspects which a wedding budget can include, depending on the culture and preferences of the wedding couple. A wedding budget also depends on the budget of the couple.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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