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Wedding Place Cards Template

A Wedding is a time of sharing, not just between the couple but also with their guests. There is usually an invite to witness the wedding couple’s ceremony or enjoy a luncheon or reception which normally follows after a wedding service.

Thus, it is important to have proper wedding place cards on the tables with the guests’ names written correctly so that the guests can find their seats. The bride and groom will be too preoccupied with their big day and each other to usher their guests to their seats or table. There may be ushers to assist the guests but with a proper place card, the guests can make their own way to their seat without hassle to enjoy the wedding or the reception. Wedding place cards are an important piece of accessory to complete any wedding, though it may be small, as it ensures that all the wedding guests are ‘looked’ after.

The wedding place card template is simple but can be tastefully done. It can contain pictures and colors but these may be limited due to the small space available. A wedding place card is usually the size of a name card which allows for the guest’s name to be written clearly for a good display. Names on the wedding place cards should be preferably typed for legibility. There should not be any spelling mistakes with the guests’ names on the place cards.

Hence, a Wedding place card template may take on:

* Motifs at a corner

* Pleasant colors

* Appropriate fonts

* Space for the guest’s name

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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