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Wedding Planner Template

A wedding is an important event which must be planned well in order to go smooth and bring on beautiful memories. There are many things to plan for a wedding, such as date of wedding, apparels, rings, budget, reception, wedding dinner, flowers, decorations, involved parties and venues for ceremony and wedding. Many more aspects can be added on depending on the couple’s preferences and culture.

The wedding couple will require many people to assist them in the planning of their wedding as there will be many aspects of the event to be covered and they are not able to handle all the aspects.

A wedding planner will prove very useful for the wedding couple and their helpers to ensure that all aspects of the wedding are taken care of.

A wedding planner template may contain the following sections:

1) Budget

* Apparel

* Flowers

* Venue

* Reception

* Rings

* Gifts

2) Flowers

* Person in charge

* Bridal bouquet

* Florist

* Flower girls’ basket

* Corsages

* Reception flowers

* Wedding dinner flowers

* Wedding ceremony flowers

3) Wedding Ceremony

* Wedding Venue

* Wedding Program

* Wedding car

* Decorations

* Ushers

4) Wedding Reception & Dinner

* Caterer

* Venue

* Parking

* Sound system

* Entertainment

* Presentations

The wedding planner may need to be updated as the wedding date draws near. There must be some persons-in-charge for each category to ensure a smooth facilitation.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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