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Wedding Program Template

A Wedding program is always prepared to lead the wedding guests during the wedding ritual at the wedding ceremony.

The front of a wedding program normally sports an appropriate picture, the couple’s names in clear display and the date of the wedding with the venue.

The wedding program template need not be cluttered with words or pictures as the whole piece must be tastefully done for the perfect wedding celebration. It can be of any size although it is usually half or one third an A4 size paper. Colors are also encouraged on a wedding program to brighten and suit the occasion. Sometimes a sweet scent is added.

The inside of a wedding program or the overleaf may list the program of the wedding. Although there is no time listed in the program or order of the wedding, acknowledgement of the guests’ presents and gifts can be noted in advance in the wedding program. Announcements and thanksgiving to all organizers of the wedding can be listed at the end.

The Wedding program template can take on various fonts, in terms of size, type, spacing and placing, as long as the information reads well. The spelling of all information on a wedding program must be perfect to reflect professionalism.

Hence, a Wedding program template may be of 2 parts:

1) Front

* An Announcement Statement

* Pictures relevant to the objective

* Important information about the wedding

2) Inside/Overleaf

* Order of wedding

*Acknowledgement of guests’ presence and gifts

* Announcements

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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