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Wedding TimeLine Template

As weddings are very special occasions, they must be planned well to be executed smoothly for the happy couple. A wedding timeline is a very good tool to adopt for a smooth wedding. It usually comprises two or three columns to cater for the various categories of events to happen, such as pre-ceremony, ceremony, processional and reception

Each category has many minor but important tasks that need to be carried out by some responsible coordinator or persons-in-charge as the bride or groom cannot be available to handle it all.

A wedding timeline has the timeframe allocated for each task at the left hand side of the sheet which the responsible coordinator will carry out and tick against the last column when the task is completed.

A wedding timeline template comprises several categories:

* Pre-Ceremony

* Hair styling

* Make up

* Dress up

* Arrival of family & close friends

* Ceremony

* Transportation

* Location Preparation

* Photography

*Seating arrangements

* Ushers & officiating authorities

* Bridesmaids and ring bearer

* Processional

* Musicians

* Music

* Rings

* Exchange of vows

* Reception

* Reception

* Arrival of guests, bride and groom

* Photography session

* Toasts

* Cutting of cake

* Dancing

* Dinner

Every wedding is different; hence, the wedding timeline will differ for every couple getting married. It is up to the couple to decide and convey their preferences for a great wedding to their coordinators.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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