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Week Planner Template

A Week planner is important to those who would like to manage their time and days well. It allows the user to list out ‘things to do’ on each day of the week at the right time. This is an excellent help for those who have many tasks to keep track of.

A week planner template will list out the Days of the Week as its header, where each day is split into two columns: Time and Task.

The body of the template would lists the hourly or half-hourly times depending on the user requirement, as some users prefer to handle their tasks by the hour while others prefer a half-hourly portion.

A week planner can stretch as far down as the page allows on the time rows, depending on the user’s requirements. It is an easy piece of template to be customized according to the user’s needs.

Hence, the header of a Weekly Planner template may contain the following columns of information:

* Days of the Week

Depending on the size of the weekly planner sheet, the days of the week could be just Weekdays or it could include Weekends as yet.

And sub-headers right under the header with the following:

* Time

* Task

The user can write on each time row according to the Day or highlight several time rows if the task takes on more than one time slice. But there may not be much space to fill in at the Task column for each day of the week.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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