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Weekly Meal Planner Template

A person usually consumes three main meals a day but it can be more with snacks or less without some meals, such as skipping breakfast or lunch.

It is a good practice to adopt a weekly meal planner to keep track of the types of food you consume. A chef or homemaker who needs to serve meals every day will appreciate a weekly meal planner more as it enables them to track the menu so that there is variety in the meals planned for the week.

A weekly meal planner will record all the meals taken in a day for the whole week, including weekends and snacks.

You can have a simple weekly meal planner which records the basic meals daily or a more elaborate one with the meal’s categories like Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert.

The weekly meal planner template can consist of a header with its Meals against the Days of the week in a table format for easy reference.

It is up to the user of the template to put the relevant information in his preferred format, according to his convenience.

Hence, a Weekly Meal Planner template may contain the following columns of information:

* User name

* Days of the Week

* Date of the week

* Types of Meal

The weekly meal planner can also generate the amount of calories for the types of food consumed when the user inputs the food consumed at each meal

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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