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Weekly Newsletter Template

A Newsletter is a very informative piece of document that is circulated either internally or externally in an environment. A newsletter provides up-to-date news about an environment.

A newsletter can be published anytime depending on the publishing team. It could be a weekly, monthly, biweekly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly publishing. There is usually an editor in charge of its publication with his/her team. It can be a simple newsletter or a few pages thick depending on the organization.

A weekly newsletter is produced on a weekly basis. The most common environment that publishes a weekly newsletter would be the local grocer who wishes to update his customers on the weekly produce promotions. There are different seasons for different produce such as fruits and vegetables which are perishable; hence, a weekly newsletter about the fresh and available produce would be beneficial to the grocer to move his stocks quickly.

A weekly newsletter can be simple and straightforward; while promoting the desired produce for the week, the weekly newsletter could also included related insights about the produce such as health impacts and recipes involving the produce.

A weekly newsletter template can contain the following components:

* Company name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Volume Number

* Reference

* Permit Number

* Produce Promotions

* Related articles

* Facts about produce

* Opening times

* Validity of offer

A weekly newsletter can be in any desired format or be in a page or two.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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