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Weekly Planner Template

Time is money to many businesses; it should also be precious to individuals like you and me. Each person has only 24 hours a day. We must learn to use our time wisely every day.

Hence, a weekly planner is useful for all who want a good account of how their time is used. At the end of the day or week, we can check through the weekly planner to evaluate how well our time was utilized.

We can improve on our time usage if we find a lot of spaces not accounted for. We can also improve our time management by looking at how much time was utilized for each task and decide if that amount is appropriate or can be improved.

A weekly planner template lists:

* Days of the Week

* Time

* Task

The Time column can be hourly or half-hourly times depending on the user requirement, as some users prefer to handle their tasks by the hour while others prefer a half-hourly portion.

Depending on the size of the weekly planner sheet, the days of the week could be just Weekdays or it could include Weekends as yet.

It can also be stretched to the preferred times by the user from his wake up time to his sleeping time, or just to cater to work hours. The user’s preference or requirements will determine the contents and design of the weekly planner to fit your lifestyle.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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