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Weekly Reading Log Template

A weekly reading log is a good practice by all children as they are encouraged to read, especially while they are schooling. Parents or school should engage their children in a reading plan to encourage this good habit.

A weekly reading log allows the child, parents and school to monitor the child’s reading habits and achievements. The child can enlist the assistance of his parents in this quest through the participation of reading and recording the reading log together. This is also quality time with the child by the parent.

A weekly reading log will record the dates of reading by the child to show his commitment and consistency in his reading endeavor. It will have the titles and genre to record his reading interests as he develops this reading habit. It can record the duration of reading time and the child’s response to each book or reading material.

A weekly reading log template may record the following information:

* Child’s name

* Reading dates

* Reading times

* Genre

* Title of reading material

* Child’s initials

* Parent’s initials

* Response of child on reading material

A weekly reading log allows the child to achieve a short term achievement. When the child improves in his reading capability or passion, the reading log can be on a monthly basis. If the child is already consistent with his reading plan, the parent needs only to initial on a monthly basis.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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