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Weekly Time Sheet Template

Large companies that employ a lot of workers would probably need to make use of a weekly time sheet for the recording of their workers’ hours for the week. These companies would normally be operating on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week as in factories, hospitals, security, or media environments.

A weekly time sheet is very useful for the company to track their employee’s work hours to generate an accurate and fair payment of his services.

A weekly time sheet is most likely used where part-timer workers, daily or hourly workers are employed by the company. These would be paid on a weekly basis according to the number of work hours recorded on the weekly time sheet which has the days of the week and the start and end times of work for the employee.

A weekly time sheet records the following information for each employee:

* Company Name

* For the week of:

* Employee Name

* Employee Number

* Employee Title

* Employee Department

* Work Status

* Supervisor

* Days of the week

* Start Work Time

* End Work Time

* Total hours

* Overtime

* Rate per hour/day

* Total payment

* Signatures

A weekly time sheet template which is electronically designed is more useful as the computation of payroll is easily done. But care must be exercised to avoid manipulation, change and loss of data. Problems arise if no back ups were made.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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