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With Compliments Card Template

Most businesses will want to convey their well wishes in a small piece of paper known as the “With Compliments” card. Some bigger companies may print their own “With compliments” card or sheets which can be half A4 sizes or calling card sizes.

Florist shops and gift shops usually have a generic “with compliments” card to be attached with their products which are delivered to the recipient of the gift. A “with compliments” card can be very simple with a “To:” and “From:” sections with a small space for some personal congratulatory words or message.

Generic cards can be decorative with borders, colors, designs, pictures and various fonts. If the “with compliments” card is from a particular business shop, it usually has the business shop name, logo and address information for further business contact.

A With Compliments card template can have the following components:

* Company’s Full name & Address

* Company’s Logo

* Company contact number

* Fax number

* Website address

* To:

* From:

A pre-printed business “With Compliments” card can have the above information as well as its own message depending on the occasion. A business usually gives out a lot of goodwill products to needy groups of recipients which sport their “With Compliments” card that may be in sticker form.

“With Compliments” cards are used in various special occasions, as in a new business opening or a sponsored event like a competition or a charity dinner. Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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