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Witness Statement Template

A witness statement is a declaration of some testimony that an individual records on paper before an attorney on an action or incident that the individual is involved in or privy to information that is related to the situation.

A witness may need to have his involvement recorded for legal proceeding purposes which may be challenged and questioned in further detail in court. A witness must speak the truth; otherwise, he would be performing perjury which could subject him to heavy penalties.

A witness statement template can be very easy as it records the testimony of the witness in simple format. There may be a left column to allow some rebuttal or notes to be scribbled for further investigation or action.

A witness statement template allows easy recording, storing, modifications and retrieval of the witness’ testimony any time.

A witness statement template may have the following components:

* Legal company name and address

* Attending attorney to the case

* Case title and description

* Date of handling

* Witness’ name and contact information

* Witness’ personal details

* Witness’ involvement in the case

* Witness’ personal testimony on the case

* Doubtful questions presented

* Facts about the case

* Issues for discussion

* Statements of attending attorneys

* Other involved personnel

A witness statement must be viewed upon seriously; hence, the witness must be clear minded to recall the case incidents carefully while telling the whole truth.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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