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Work Instructions Template

Every piece of work that a company takes on must be conducted in the proper manner to ensure success. This is even more so when the work is outsourced. Hence, it is necessary to adopt a work instructions sheet for every worker or team member of any work or project.

With the right work instructions, every worker or project member will be able to identify his responsibility and the scope of the project undertaken. There will be no overlap of tasks which wastes time and raises confusion.

If the work instructions are similar to most projects which a company undertakes, it can be generated electronically. Hence, a work instructions template can store the format of work instructions for any project that is to be facilitated.

A work instructions template can contain the following information for easy execution:

* Company Name

* Project title

* Purpose

* Scope

* Records of data

* Maintenance of documents

* Responsibility

* Safety procedures

* Project timeframe

* Accountability

* Approved by

A work instructions document can be printed out to each member and changes can be made on the electronic copy easily. It allows the worker or team member to be updated when there is a change to the project. Changes can also happen as the project progresses to allow the team members to understand the overview of the project than to be concerned about his section only. All team members need to work together.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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