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There is always work at the office, or even at home. To ensure that the work gets done, it is best to record the work required to be done in a work log. This useful tool lists out the types of work that business or individual takes on with the relevant information such as date of commencement, date of completion, type of work, persons involved, work leader, venue, tool and resources.

There are so many aspects that one can list down in the work log to help identify the progress of the work. A work log allows the business or individual to identify its productivity and profitability.

But a simple work log can record down the type of job, the persons in charge, phase of job, expected completion date, and comments.

The work log template usually comprises:

* Date of entry

* Department

* Person(s) in charge


*Description of work

* Project Leader

* Problems to be noted

* Targeted completion date

* Resources required / taken

The work log can be on an individual basis where the team member can record his own progress or it can be a team work log where the overall project can be viewed as the whole team’s progress can be identified.

This allows the project leader to plan and monitor the work done and advise his team accordingly. A work log can also take note of the arising issues to be resolved.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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