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Work Method Statement Template

Every business that undertakes a project or task that involves risks will need to consider a work method statement. This tool allows those involved in the task or project to consider all aspects of the job in identifying the risks and safety issues to ensure a smooth and successful completion of the project.

A work method statement is a risk or hazard identification and assessment document that should be undertaken by all parties involved in the project prior to the commencement of the project and during the project’s work-in-progress.

A work method statement requires every hazard to the project or task to be identified alongside its location and possible time of occurrence. It must be described in detail for easy identification with plausible solution(s) to eradicate its presence.

A work method statement template may comprise:

* Company Name & Address

* Project Description

* Project Owner / Coordinator

* Risk / Hazard identification

* Location & Timeframe identification

* Personnel involved

* Impact & Consequences

* Solutions to Risks and Hazards

* Meetings

* Updates of situation

A work method statement is a very detailed piece of document to ensure complete coverage for safety on any project and the elimination of risks and hazards. Employees and contractors involved in the project are required to meet up regularly to check and confirm the status of the risks identified with a signature sign off to verify their diligent undertaking.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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