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A Work planner is crucial to those who are busy with a lot of projects or activities on a daily basis. A work planner is basically a large sheet that spreads out the calendar in a way that is conducive to the user. It can come in a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly form. A larger work planner piece may even accommodate the whole year.

A Work planner is very useful to note down important ‘work-in-progress’ activities. Its template would have a header that usually lists the dates of the month with a time column on the far left. At this column, each row lists the normal work hours from 8am to 5pm, usually in an hourly manner.

A weekly work planner will allow the user to have more space to record down extra and important information in each of the designated columns of dates according to the time row. A bi-weekly work planner may have less space to record further information as two weeks are put onto one page. If a yearly work planner is desired, it would need a bigger sheet to fill all the months of the year on its header with its dates on the left side. There would be little space to make notes in each date column. Hence, the type of work planner template depends on the requirements of the user.

The Work planner template usually has a header that lists the dates of the month (for a week or bi-weekly) and time column on its left.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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