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Workout Log Template

Exercise is essential to maintain the good health of any individual. Exercising should be performed on a regular basis not only to keep your weight constant and your body in good shape but also for good health.

A workout log is a good tool to use in recording the amount of exercise undertaken each day and the types of exercise done so that you can monitor your weight and exercise levels. A workout log is a good tracker on your fitness and strength as you train on various exercise elements.

Your weight is recorded on a weekly basis with the amount of sleep and calories to give you a total overview of your health. Sleep is another important aspect to good health. All exercises performed should be recorded with its number of sets or repetition. Weights can be introduced slowly as you get used to your exercise routines as recommended by your fitness coach.

A workout log template header records the personal information of the user such as:

* Name

* Age & Gender

* Height & Weight

* Sleep hours

* Calories

In the body of the workout journal template, you can record:

* Date of Measurement

* Comments

* Type of Exercise program

* Duration of exercise program

* Weights used

A workout log allows the user to identify the progress made and also the changes to be considered or incorporated into his exercise or workout routines for better effectiveness.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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