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Workshop Agenda Template

A workshop is a practical session in a training organized by any business, conference or organization for further learning or development. A workshop may be just half a day, one day or a few days, depending on the objective and agenda.

A Workshop agenda usually displays the schedule of events that have been planned to take place according to the date/day and time. It also lists the Activity and Facilitator columns which help the participants to be aware of what to expect at any time of the day during the workshop. Some workshop agenda also list down the venue of the workshops if there are different sessions held concurrently or if the venue changes.

Under the Date/Day and Time columns, the time frame for each activity is spelt out for the participants to keep time on each activity. The Workshop agenda header layout remains the same for each day of the workshop, while the contents of the columns change as the participants pick up new skills and knowledge from each session of the workshop.

The header of a Workshop agenda template may contain the following categories:

· Date/Day of Workshop

· Session Name

· Time/Duration of Session

· Activity

· Facilitator

· Venue

The body of a Workshop agenda template may contain the details of the header, giving more information with regards to the workshop such as title of Activity, Tea break sessions and further details of the workshop session in bullet points.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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