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Yearly Planner Template

A year goes by very quickly nowadays. A yearly planner would be a useful document to keep track of the plans you have for the year. With it, you can identify the tasks that need to be performed at the various times of the year.

A year planner is usually a large piece of paper to record the whole year’s event. It puts in all the months of the year with the dates in the columns. Though the month/date column may be small, it is sufficient for the user to identify the weekly or monthly events. You can also track the days of the week on the far left so that you can identify the day for any even on the year planner.

Some year planners have been designed to fit the journal or booklet which can be opened up to a big piece instead of the large piece that is usually put on the table top or pasted on the wall.

The yearly planner template can display the following columns:

* Month

* Year

* Dates

* Day

The yearly planner can also highlight Sundays for easier identification of the week. You can also highlight the various projects on the yearly planner to help you plan your whole month by the month. Different highlight colors on the yearly planner will help you identify the various projects for monitoring.

A yearly planner can be quite simple in its design.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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